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A Disciplined  mind rooted in God's Word 

  • Learn the basics of   Christlikness  by studying the orginal text . 

  • Discover  the joy of a 100% committment of Christ!

  • Heaven  is beautiful , but ...

  • Are  you  a Disciple  /Believer?

  • Take a Test and Find out :     Coming soon!

E Mail  Me  to enroll 

Coursee Outline comeing Soon.

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Most are on the road to destruction. ... but 

If  you are a true disciple you will thrrst after winning others to Christ    because without   that new birth your friends  cannot enter heaven!

I   will  be  outlining   the course of study.

This is for your if you want to excell for Christ:

Email me for further  details.

  • Discipleship involves 

  • becoming an effective witness for Christ: Note this attached is this pdf document

  • Read Witnessing in 5 Steps 













































































































































































out  being born again you cannot enter Heaven.

"Be taught

all that he taught them".

Matt . 28:20

This begins   with  these  studies:

  1. The   Basic s   of   the Ten   Commandments

  2. The   Basics of   Law   and   Grace   in   First John

  3. The  Basic Teachings of Christ  :

Listen   to my  explaination   of why  you must   love   the  words of the Bible  to  get into heaven!

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  • Yes, you can become perfect, here is how:

  • Only  13 minutes of your time!

* Music from Linda Ric h "If you can find no rest" with modifications