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  • I just did this video based on an old christian  folk video

  • Tell m e what you think and if you like that sound.  The rich guy in Matthew 19 had everything except perfection in Christ!

  • Yes, you can become perfect, here is how:

  • Only  13 minutes of your time!

* Music from Linda Ric h "If you can find no rest" with modifications
  • Amazing grace how sweet the sound

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  • Disability Awareness Advocate Educator & Consultant

  • CEO/founder of "Caring With Compassion Community

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CaringWithCompassionCommunity™ vision is,a 501c3 Non-Profit,  Peer lead, Faith-Based organization, of individuals who have experienced trauma, mental health and have barriers, to recovery and wellness. We are a faith-based community supporting the holistic needs of the whole person using a person-centered approach.


CaringWithCompassionCommunity™mission is to meet Peers “where they are”, supporting the wellness and recovery journey, of individuals who have experienced or experiencing trauma and challenges with managing mental illness symptoms. Who need resources and a safe nurturing compassionate community of Peers who have lived experiences of “trauma”, “mental illness”, survived and thriving in their purpose. Providing resources, tools that is a person-centered, approach, supporting the whole person, holistic need, facilitating, self-care, self- awareness, self- advocacy, and empowerment.


CaringWithCompassionCommunity™ goal is, to provide resources and tools assisting individuals in their health wellness journey.

  • Outreach

  • Education/Advocacy/ Empowerment

  • Referrals

  •  Resources

  • Create therapeutic supportive community

  • Peer Mentoring

  • Personal development

  • Professionaldevelopment

  • Leadership development skills

  • Promote an entrepreneurial spirit

  •  Economic empowerment

  • Vocational & employment support

  • Motivation


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to Ronita


What Pastor Jonathan  says about


I have known Ronita for over a year now.  She always has time to help anyone. I met Ronita as I was doing door to door evangelism.  She was such an encouragement to me that day as I discovered she was thrilled with the Good News of the Gospel.  I was impressed that she always expresses deep concern for my ailing wife, Pauly.   Care and compassion for her means that I almost have to ask her, saying, “Wow. Don't you know you are taking too much of your time!” Frequently, she will phone us and the first thing she will ask is “How is Pauly doing?” 

Last year she not only visited Pauly and me at our home, but was an encouragement in our Bible study, at our club house,  even bring her three nephews with her. What a blessing that was! 


I am absolutely sure that in any of her classes will not only encourage you but greatly assist you to become “all that God wants you to be”!  She rightly believes that spiritual help needs to be accompanied by physical help.  I noticed she has a wide variety of classes to assist those who have gone through trauma.  She wants us all to be as she, “individuals of care with compassion”. 


As a minister of the Gospel, and many years of pastoral experience, I only would pray that there would be “more Ronita’s” to encourage and help those in need. Care with Compassion is care with a personal touch, and a  one on one and small group corporate   therapy.  


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Trauma Informed Approach

Part3: The difference between TIA /TIC/TIS

Trauma-Informed Approach and Trauma-Specific Interventions

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