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Study Notes

  • Hebrew and Greek Original Text  made practical -

Over 2000 years ago the New Testament writings were written. If you hunger to understand 

the original message of the Bible, you will need to understand the Greek and Hebrew Text! 

  • Do you hunger for to understand grmmatically  that message?

  • I have fifty years of pastoral experience, etc.

  • I graduated from Biola's Talbot  School of Theology with a masters of Divinity degree in 67.Find out more about me on line ministry and local Bible Based Good News Chapel.   If  you cannot meet with me physically, I m available via zoom, etc. 

  • I would like to learn more about your church and  ministry. Here is my  e mail.  My main qualification is for study is that you be 100% sold out to Christ!

  • The  Greek New Testament is an articulated and very refined language.  The Hebrew or Classical Hebrew is a beautiful and pictorial language.  Let me illustrate how each can revolutionize you walk with God! Note my special notes 

  • This is a major commitment of 

  • your time!

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Study Notes

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