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I live in the Puyallup South Hill Area

Remi, my four month old Pembroke puppy

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Corgi Dogs At A Glance Corgi dogs, also known as Pembrooke Welsh Corgis, Pembrook Corgis, or Welsh Corgis (and which are a distinct breed from the lesser well-known Cardigan Corgi to which they are closely related) bold, yet friendly dogs that make charming little companions with a medium-length thick coat. They’re happy, daring animals that are agreeable and devoted to their owner or family. Though small, these dogs leave the impression of being larger. Though treats are a bonus, just hearing your praise is reward enough for the Corgi! All Corgi dogs love to play outdoors and they’re much tougher than they look, so they can have a great romp like the best of them, without threatening a “delicate nature”. At the same time, though, this same dog is dignified, and calm and love lots of attention. Corgis likely gained their name from the Celtic word “corgi”, which means dog, or the Welsh word “corrci”, which means dwarf dog. They were originally bred in Pembrokeshire, Wales, as herding dogs. Our 4 Paw Rating - to the suitability of Corgi dogs for your home and lifestyle Size 10 to 12 inches at the shoulder, weight 25 to 30 pounds. Coat Care Corgis need daily brushing to maintain their medium length double coats and to keep shedding under control. These dogs shed heavily, though their hair is not highly prone to knotting or tangling. Family Life Corgis are terrific family dogs due to the fact that they are loving and affectionate. Their size, though, makes them better suited to families with older children to reduce the risk of injury to the dog. They are great companions, but are exceptionally active little dogs that should receive lots of daily physical activity.