If you are in deep water enjoy our group Study on Sunday! This is not regluar church!  We are  so very small in human terms, But please think of what Christ can do in those who are small in their own sight!





These  are beautiful Saints!  Their  glory is Christ! He is the love or our life. 

Come and meet my beloved wife of 57 years! Physically, she is very weak, but is far better than I ! In Pain, great phyisucal pain, that she  knows  has made her most beautiful!


Testing  My Discipleship
and Christ's Word
1. I have the attitude of the sinner in Luke 18:13 who pleaded, “God be merciful to me a sinner!”
2. I want to have a passion to think and live as Christ in every area of my life. I John 2:6 “(Christians ) owe it to live as He lived.” (Live by His Commands.) Do you have His passion?
3. I am willing to die to my own selfish dreams so I can live in Christ . (Matt. 10:38; Luke 9:23)
4. I want to live in a community / family where we “bear one another’s burdens and do confess our sins to one another. (Gal. 6:1-2; I John 1;9)
5. Loving Christ more than Self and Others. (Luke 9:59 and 60)
6. Loving Christ more than Money and possessions (Matt. 19:20-22)


We meet in small family 

groups and on line

As we grow we  can use 

the Tall Firs Club House!

We can accomdate 50+!

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