I possess a BA degree from Calvary University of Kansas City Mo., and an Master of Divinity from Biola University.

Ordained  to the Ministry - April 1,1973

I have had over thirty years experience in pastoral ministry in Washington and California states,  and ten years of teaching in local school districts.  USAF Chaplaincy '06

  • My specialty  has always been to show how an understanding of  the original text of the Bible can greatly facilitate the interpretation and understanding of Divine Revelation. 

  • I have 28 semester hours of under graduate and post graduate work in Greek and Hebrew test. 

  • I would be delighted to counsel with you on how you could become a part of this ministry based solely on the original text. 


I am working with The I FCA international, a Bible Centered Fellowship.  

Our Church is recognized as a 501C non profit organization. 

Small Heading

My Ministry is:

  • To assist families to become a 

     "house church" where Christ is made visible. 

  • Special Training in "nouthetic counseling".

  • To establish strong godly families that worship together - Worship and Sing together

  • Let me encouage you to form family devoitons. 

My Ministry to you:

  • My Beloved wife  of 57 years!

  • I owe all to Christ  my dear Pauly nor my professisonal training !

  • Let me enourage you to form a beautful marriage and family!