Thinking About Pauly

Wrong Girl!

Pauly Beyer Memorial Page

Dave, Wonder what
he was
I would get a
sword  in the 
heart within
two months!
1960 - Not my dream girl!
wrong girl wrong time. 





    us as


3 years


1963 Christ

five years not too long...

1960 & 1965.... beautiful


Discover the Joy of Putting Christ First!

At age 11 "I am a terrible sinner!" "I let Christ into my life."

A new and Better love

putting christ 1st......



There I am at the lower left of the picture 60 years ago with our family Just back from my first year at Midwest Bible College. 

And here I have the girl of my dreams, or soI thought, bringing her back home to Libby Montana.

Well, a mere  month later she broke up with me breaking my heart!  But I have inserted Pauly into the picture. Pauly, I thank God for meeting her and I placed her in this only family picture we ever had. 

How wonderful that I broke up with my old engagement  and instead placed my arm around Pauly!

"golden" Christina Lyn and Pauly!

Born 1964

Pauly's Joy

Read about Pauly Here


Wow! High Honors!

Gold Metal!

3.5-3.8 GPA

Almost straight A's..

But what impressed

us all was her love for the Lord and Everyone She met.

Pauly's Video
Ronita took this rare 
video of Pauly from 
August 2019
Check it out!
it works now!

letter about Pauly

Comital Dec. 28

Here is the very 

last video of 

Pauly. After this conversation, she would soon be in the presence of Christ.

How long will you be coherent? 

We did not know it and she did not know it.  In thirteen days she would breathe her last, and then breathe 

in heaven. Will you?

In the conversation  Pauly  did not know she was talking to Chrisy!

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